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The rest from Sony: updates to F, F-TV, H, V, S lines

Marc Perton

Now that we've got Sony's brand spankin' new Vaios out of the way, we can move on to the rest of the 40-odd models the company announced in Japan today, most of which represent spec bumps to existing boxes. Most of the Vaio laptop lines, including the multi-hued F, F-TV and S series get Core Duo processors (or Core Solo for the lower-priced models). Most also get that coveted "Windows Vista Capable" sticker, which you can proudly display until you can actually run Vista. The F-TV model also gets a new display with improved brightness and darker blacks, along with an enhanced sound system. Meanwhile, the desktop V and H (shown above) lines get processor bumps (up to a P4 641 at 3.2GHz on one model) , analog and terrestrial digital tuners, and new LCDs with resolutions up to 1366 x 768. The 20-inch version of the LCD also includes DVI-D for HD input. So, how does this add up to over 40 new and updated models? Well, if you add up all the display and processor permutations (and, of course, the different colored cases on the F series and V displays), you'll hit a number up around there. But unless you're a Japanese retailer or hate your job so much that you'll do almost anything else to avoid it, we suggest skipping that exercise.

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