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    The Sidekick III "reviewed"


    So, it might seem a bit ridiculous for someone to write up a review of a product that is not only so far unannounced and unavailable, but that he hasn't even managed to personally photograph. But that's not stopping BSD of the Sidekick 3 blog, who has managed to eke out a review. Obviously we can't verify his claims, but he seems to have a few sources to help him out with info, along with the fact that most of his details seem pretty common sensical and/or confirmed by the pics we've seen so far. He says the unit has a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, Bluetooth, a SD card slot, built-in MP3, and support for multiple IM protocols. The form factor is a sort of mix between the original Sidekick and the Sidekick II, and is notably bulky for a modern phone. There's a new cursor nubbin, which works well but feels a little flaky, along with an updated keyboard. Sadly, the screen is the same size and resolution as always, which is starting to thoroughly date the device. Luckily the SD slot makes music playback and PC file interchange easy, and the Bluetooth not only works well, but seems to provide some sort of PC functionality, which is always nice. Sounds like the device is mostly the same as far software goes, but it does seem the interface has been spruced a bit, and the AIM, Yahoo and MSN IM support are a big plus. We'll try and reserve judgement until we manage to get a Sidekick III in hand, but if this review is for real we can't have too terribly long to wait.

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