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Samsung to release $700ish UMPC by end of year


Telecoms Korea is quoting a Samsung company official who claims a low-cost, Via-based UMPC will be launched in the second half of 2006. While no model number has been released, it will be priced at "slightly over $700" undercutting that other Via-based TabletKiosk eo by about $200 or less than half of Samsung's own Q1 (pictured). We're still a few hundie above that $500 sweet spot, and we still have to wait and see what this new Sammy packs for specs and if that's Korean or US pricing they're referring to. Still, with prices dropping and that Media Center Extender on the horizon, well, we won't abandon this fledgling platform just yet.

Also, while we're here, we wanted to issue an update to yesterday's Samsung Q1 post. As pointed out by several people, the Korean price will actually be W1,199,000 (about $1,250), not W2,000,000 (about $2,000), as reported yesterday. Not exactly a huge bargain, but certainly better than the price we originally reported.

[Via UMPC Buzz]

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