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Gitaroo-Man set to rock the PSP


Speculation of Gitaroo-Man making the trip to the PSP were confirmed yesterday when a listing on Sony Japan's retail site noted the rhythm-based title, called Gitaroo-Man Live!, would be released on the 25th of May. While there still is no official word from the title's developer, Koei, the rumors that have been circulating about the game appearing on the PSP suggest that Koei's announcement may be little more than a formality. There's also no news if the game will ever be released outside of Japan. However, if Gitaroo-Man on the PS2 was any indication, there's always a chance it could see some action on US soil.

Strange as the game may be, it does have its share of fans, all of whom we're guessing are already drooling at the thought of taking their Gitaroo on the road. Yeah, we always assume that gamers are that desperate. We're mean that way.

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