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Sennheiser's Style, Sport, and Street range of headphones


Sennheiser is set to drop 17 new headphone models (just a sample in that pic above) onto the world's ears next month spread across the new Style, Sport, and Street product lines. A select few of these units like the MX 90 VC (pictured) will flaunt a new twist-to-fit ear securing system which relies upon a small rubber "stopper" you can twist thereby securing the headphone to the outer ear. The Style range of headphones gun for optimum sound quality while remaining stylish and elegant via a "metal look" (and very German) design. The antithesis of the Style range must be the Sport range then, which dishes out a healthy slathering of neon "fresh" green knowing that jockos everywhere secretly long for the color palette of wee little girls. These headphones are designed with max comfort and secure fit in mind and rock regardless of rain, sweat or low temps... making them equally at home for postal delivery. Rounding things out is the Street line-up which conspicuously omits any old-school can designs but are said to be specially designed based on teenager feedback nevertheless. These headphones feature unusual design, secure fit, and practical accessories with plenty of bass for use with both MP3 players and gaming systems. Expect to see all the new skull candy in stores starting next month.

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