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360 will sponsor World Cyber Games thru '08

Ken Weeks

The WCG and Microsoft have announced that the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows will be the "premier sponsor" of the World Cyber games through 2008. Microsoft's sponsorship will include hardware, software and marketing support for all WCG events, including three pan-regional championships, the Korean Championship, the USA Championship and the Grand Finals in Monza, Italy (October 18-22). The Xbox 360 games for this year's series are PGR3 and DOA4.

According to the lofty description on their website, the WCG is "not just a world game tournament, but also combines the world to create harmony and enjoyment through the shared emotions." Presumably, they're talking about the emotion you get when you kick a stranger's ass at DOA4.

This a good move on MS's part that surely cements the Xbox 360's brand when it comes to the growing world of  e-sports. Who will be the first Xbox 360 cyber-athlete to get mainstream press attention like PC poster boy Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel?

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