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Loco Roco director rolls out the details


1UP sat down with Loco Roco's director Tsutomu Kuono to chat about the behind-the-scenes action of the game and how a perky yellow blob gets cast as the star of a buzz-worthy title. One of the most interesting bits of the video involves Kuono's quick explanation for the game's title, which apparently was inspired by the two primary buttons used in the game, the Left and Right triggers. Like all strange and potentially gimmicky ideas, Kuono initially had a hard time convincing anyone Loco Roco was worth making. Fortunately, this was all a part of the refinement process, and now the game is on the verge of raising everyone's Seratonin levels.

"I wanted to make a crazy, stupid game!" Said Kuono. Dang, that makes me want this game even more.

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