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YAMMMC - Yet Another Mac Mini Media Center

Matt Burns

That little white box from Apple sure is loved. It must be its great size but yet huge amount of power that is drawing so many people to it. TUAW caught wind of another Mac Mini Media Center project using Front Row and EyeTV. Chris, the owner and builder, also added on to the Mini's small hard drive with an encloser that clones the Minis footprint and size.

From the looks of things, everything turned out just peachy. The system works great for him and although this system is not on an HDTV, the setup he describes would work on one as long as you upgrade the tuner. The Elgato EyeTV EZ does not do anything digital or high-def but the EyeTV 500 does.

If any of our readers has a great setup like this one, drop us some pics at our Flickr pool!

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