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Ask HD Beat: DVD recorder with HDMI and DivX

Matt Burns

Aaron has a good question. He is wondering what we think about a new DVD recorder from Toshiba (D-R5) that supports DivX playback and has a HDMI output. He indicates that he is looking for a way to reduce the amount of "boxes" by his TV.

Well Aaron, we are not a big fan of DVD recorders for one. They cannot record anything HD nor can the efficiently copy DVDs. (yes, there are ways around this but it is not a fast nor efficient) Other than those big hang-ups, it seems like a good player. HDMI outputs can be good to have and DivX support is great if you use it. We just are not that sure if the DVD recorder part is worth it.

What do you think about this new player from Toshiba for Aaron. Any advice?

UPDATE: Thanks for pointing out the difference between DIVX and DivX Chris. DIVX is was Circuit City failed pay-per view DVD format while DivX is the video codec that everyone has came to love and respect. Oh and Dave, I had forgotten about it even though I was one of the salesman that was told to sell the format by Circuit City.

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