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Guitar Hero II interview, dude


"Do you OD and die at the end of the game?"

That's undoubtedly the best question that the IGN guys ask the creators of Guitar Hero in their interview on the subject of the sequel to the first game which is due this fall. The answer is "Yes and No", so we're thinking that the sequel can judge you as a good or bad rockstar by how crap your timings are (ie. how drunk you are). So what else did they have to say regarding the features of Guitar Hero II?

  • Ability to play separate lead, rhythm and bass tracks in multi-player, but single-player will still only let you play as a drugged up lead guitarist.
  • No specific details on new songs apart from that there'll be 55 songs. They're still in licensing talks apparently.
  • Guitar Hero II won't screw people over when it comes to peripherals. The old guitar will work just fine.
  • People have mastered the original Guitar Hero on expert mode, as this video suggests. Don't be surprised if the sequel's more challenging.
In the meantime, check out a video of a Guitar Hero owning expert mode after the jump.

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