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Homebrew IRC app in test phase


Until our fantasy of VoIP for the PSP are realized, owners of Sony's portable whatchamacallit can always turn to the industrious homebrew community for solutions. In this case, Gary13579 has cooked up an IRC client that can be accessed via the PSP's browser feature. According to PSP Hacks, which broke the news today, the app is still demo, which means that only one channel is open at the moment and that bugs could be prevalent. While we're still warming up our thumbs to the idea of chatting using the PSP's cumbersome text input interface, this will at least be free for download and use when development is completed. Then all we have to do is wait for Sony to finally get off their duffs and release a keyboard.

[Update: Grammatical corrections implemented. Blogger made to listen to Barbra Streisand while playing Kabuki Warriors for Xbox as punishment for oversight.]

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