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Noblegarden ultimately disappointing

Jennie Lees

The quality of the various ingame events seems to vary a lot. Some cause a lot of excitement and make their presence well known by infiltrating the capital cities -- Greatfather Winter and the Lunar festivities (a well known Azerothian rock band) are examples. However, some tend to just quietly happen, without barkers or much fanfare at all.

I went egg hunting for a couple of hours yesterday; I missed Noblegarden last year, so I had little idea what to expect. After a few false starts looking in the capital cities (as the official website implied) I ended up running around Elwynn and Teldrassil on a couple of characters. In all my searching I found about ten eggs, and ended up with a bagful of lollipops and chocolate squares giving 61 health; I managed to find a pair of Black Tuxedo Pants, identical to a craftable item, though I was angling for the formal attire.

I didn't run into any other egg hunters, and most of my guild didn't know the event was running, despite the EU launcher promoting it. Although I'm reasonably pleased I had the trousers drop, meaning I got something for all my effort, I spent a lot of time looking for eggs and finding none at all. Perhaps my time would have been better spent at the regular ingame events taking place yesterday, getting a pet chicken or painting an egg; how was your Easter Sunday?

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