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Novatel X620 EV-DO ExpressCard gets real

Marc Perton

If you've got a snazzy new laptop that includes an ExpressCard slot but no legacy PCMCIA slots, you've probably been suffering a little for your commitment to the cutting edge: there are still far more cards available that meet the old standard than the new one, especially for things like wireless communication (which, let's face it, is the main reason to still have one of these slots, unless you use it to stash extra cash). Fortunately, that shortage is rapidly being remedied, and Gearlog managed to score a hot little number: a prototype of Novatel's X620 EV-DO ExpressCard. The card, for use with Verizon's EV-DO network, should work with any Windows laptop -- and to prove it, Gearlog hooked one up to a MacBookPro running Boot Camp. Novatel expects Apple to ship Mac drivers soon as well, so if you've picked up a MacBook Pro and want a native way to cruise on down the highway, you shouldn't have to wait all that long.

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