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OnMac triple boots Mac from Boot Camp

Marc Perton

Lest you think the team at (you know, the crowd that brought us the original Windows-on-Mac bootloader) would pack it in now that Apple has moved into their turf with Boot Camp, they've come back with a new hack that allows Boot Camp to be used to triple boot your Mac. That's right: no longer are you limited to a mere two operating systems when you start your Mac. Now, you can have a choice of OS X, Windows XP and the Linux distro of your choice (they went with gentoo). Their solution for this turns out to be fairly straightforward: rather than attempting to hack Boot Camp, they've chained the lilo bootloader to run off of the Windows loader. So, Boot Camp still shows you just two options -- OS X and Windows XP -- but if you choose Windows, you then get a second set of choices, which lets you pick Linux or XP. Now that this is done, we're waiting for someone to go to four: we really want to be able to boot into OS/2 Warp, and we suspect the solution is just around the corner.

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