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Where are all the cable news HD stations?

Matt Burns

Most All of us have gotten furstarted over the lack of high definition programming. But here I am watching CNN on a nice 42-inch plasma and the signal is not in HD. Why hasn't one cable news station switched over to high definition yet? It seems that the target demographic of these sets are also the sameones that watch cable news stations. Plus, the format of the programs would allow more information to be displayed on the screen, but here lies the problem.

Ever watch ESPN's SportsCenter in high-def? Course you have. The picture is beautiful but there is nothing extra that the HDTV format gives you. When they display stats on the screen you can see that they extend right to the spot that a 4:3 TV ends. ESPN can't give you more info just because you have a HDTV. They would be alienating the non-HD owners.

This has to be the same reason that cable stations have not gone high-def yet. They can give you a great picture but nothing more. Moreover, these stations rely on a lot of cameras that are not in the studio to give you most of their programming so there would be a good amoount of non-HD content on the station.

Still, a guy can dream can't he?

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