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HDBeat Podcast 009 - 04.18.06

Ben Drawbaugh
HD-DVD is still in the news this week as player and titles start to hit the street. We talk about 1080p and why you should or shouldn't get it. HGTV-HD and MHD hit the streets but no one noticed because of the lack of carriage agreements. I also spend some time ranting about the name HD Radio and Kevin and I regret that we missed the NBA Sky Cam game.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Kevin C. Tofel

Ben Drawbaugh

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HD-DVD has arrived!
Lionsgate delays Blu-ray movies
HD-DVD & Blu-ray movie boxes unveiled, 1080p standard
Got 1080p? Do you even need it?
Sony's 82-inch Bravia makes a showing in Taiwan
Home theater vs. movie theater
HGTV-HD is in the building
Is MTV's The Real World going high definition?
The one and only MTV show that needs to be HD
Did you catch the NBA's dual SkyCam special HDTV broadcast?
What can possibly be HD about radio?
Review: HD Downloads via Akimbo


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