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Lara Croft used to be a guy


In an interesting Guardian GamesBlog interview with Toby Gard, the artist who designed the look of Lara Croft, there's one point in particular that sticks out. In response to the question "How many designs did you scrap before Lara?" he answered that his "initial design was a guy in some tombs." Although artists often set out several different designs before they choose which one to go for, this decision was probably the most important career decision Toby ever made. Can you imagine a world without Lara, the most succesful video game heroine of all time?

For all you cynical types -- the decision to "sex up" Lara wasn't made by Toby. In fact, he left Core over concerns that Lara's character was being reduced to cater to the lowest common denominator: although she was designed to look good, it was never supposed to be "about her boobs getting bigger."

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