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WoW in the Comics


I'm always tickled when my favorite gaming web comics mention my favorite pastime - World of Warcraft, of course!  And while I see the occasional mention of the game on Ctrl Alt Del, Foxtrot (not actually a web comic),  Mac Hall, Penny Arcade, and Player vs. Player, I only know know of a few comics that devote themselves to the world of Azeroth.  And in light of the upcoming comic contest, I thought I'd list the ones I know of as examples and inspiration for any thinking of entering.  I know my list isn't comprehensive - so does anyone know of any other WoW comics out there?  Drop a note in the comments if you do! 

Until then, enjoy Adventures with Play, Flintlock's Guide to Azeroth, Heros of WoW, and Messy Cow (thanks to James for pointing this one out).

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