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Ace Combat X: SOD to take flight this Fall


A press release sent out today from Namco Bandai revealed a veritable motherlode of details for their upcoming Ace Combat game for the PSP. Referred to under the working title Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, the flight sim-ish game will feature wireless ad-hoc multiplayer hookups, an all-new storyline, strategic AI (your actions determine your objectives), and the ability to tune your own planes with parts unlocked during Campaign mode. Aircraft nerds can rejoice in the knowledge that licensed planes like the F-14D and the Tornado F3 will make an appearance in the game when it lands on store shelves this Fall 2006. Check out our brief coverage of the game here.

Hungry for a fixin' of daytime drama plotline made specifically for men? Here're the goods straight from the press release:

"The player will take on the role of an ace pilot trying to liberate their home country of Aurelia from its neighbor, Leasath. A country filled with secretive motives veiled behind long-internal conflicts, Leasath, has invaded and taken over Aurelia. Defending the invaded country, the player’s mission will take them to the battle-filled skies in order to take down the enemy and restore freedom and peace to their homeland."

Not very original, but isn't it supposed to be about the planes anyway?

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