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E3: Sony vs. Nintendo in the West Hall (again) [Update 1]

Ross Miller
Save made an interesting observation about the recently-released E3 floor plan: as per usual, Sony and Nintendo have the largest booths, and they are right next to each other in the West Hall of the Convention Center. In fact, their two booths combine take up 3/4 of the West Hall (with Nintendo's turf just a tad bigger than Sony's).

Why would this be a big deal? Well, if Nintendo and Sony are to show off their respective next-generation consoles at this year's E3, visitors will be able to gauge popularity by easily comparing the lengths of each company's lines ... of people waiting to play their consoles. We envision a full-scale war between the two booths, or at least a duel to decide control over the wild west (hall)*.

* Okay, no more bad puns, we promise.

[Update: many of you showed me the error in my ways, that Nintendo's booth was actually the bigger of the two ... my eyes have once again deceived me. Also, to clarify, no more bad puns for the rest of this post. We make no promises for any other articles throughout the remainder of the site. Thank you very much.]

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