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Quite possibly the best internet skit ever


I love Olde English. Apart from the fact that 40% of the homepage's area is dedicated to images of beer, their funny videos are a perfect blend of student humor and stupidity. Probably the best video on the site is their Gym Class skit, a clever satire of multiplayer first person shooters. Watch as a group of friends proceed to mercilessly shoot each other with imaginary machine guns, rifles and handguns, just like a FPS. Then laugh as the winner claps and says "good game", just like a FPS.

If you liked that then check out Hello? Fuck! otherwise known as "waking up with a hangover and trying to find the phone." Before you ridicule me for its lack of relation to gaming hear this! At least two game consoles have some screen time in this video, so as Phoenix Wright would say, "TAKE THAT!"

Also, as you've probably already guessed, these videos are NSFW.

[Thanks, Greg Gant]

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