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Roger Avary to write/direct Driver movie

Remember when Silent Hill screenwriter Roger Avary said, during a recent interview with FiringSquad, "I'm currently adapting a game into a script for myself to direct. I'm not talking about it yet, but it's for Atari -- so you can imagine that it's like a dream for me."

Now, if you're anything like me, you understood that he meant Pitfall and went to sleep sated with the knowledge that the original adventurer would star in his own feature film. I mean, what other property is Atari going to bring to the silver screen? Indigo Prophecy maybe ... or maybe that Getting Up movie that just got announced, though it already has screenwriters attached.

Turns out Avary couldn't contain his exuberance and blurted out his project to FiringSquad after all; he will write and direct an adaptation of developer Reflection Software and publisher Atari's popular Driver series. No word on when this sucker is supposed to hit the pavement on production, but we imagine it won't be long before he starts singing again.

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