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Shipping out for the Water Balloon Challenge

This is the commercial for the water balloon fight that Microsoft is sponsoring this Saturday in Australia, looking to break the world record set by 2,677 Spaniards who tossed 50,855 water balloons in 2005 ... oh yeah, and to promote the Xbox 360.

For maximum exposure, they're sending down their big guns, John and Cesar from Gamerscore Blog and, natch, Major Nelson. They've also invited a select group of bloggers to cover the goings-on like our friends at Xboxic. Without impugning the integrity of our fellow bloggers, Xbox 360 Fanboy regretfully declined the generous offer.

Yes, we're aware that journalistic integrity at a site called Xbox 360 Fanboy seems a little ... antithetical, but we're fanboys because we hold these companies to a higher standard. Even the perception of impropriety may color our coverage, so we err on the side of caution. Rest assured, in lieu of blogging it first hand, we'll be here (in beautiful, sunny, wherever we are) to blog the various goings on from afar.

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