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Scalpers want $1K for pair of E3 badges


Earlier this morning we received word that a pair of E3 badges was being auctioned on eBay. According to our tipster, the starting bid was $300. Unfortunately, the auction was pulled before we could get a look.

However, moments ago, we were tipped off by another reader who had discovered a similar sale on craigslist. As it turns out, it's the same pair of badges, now being offered for $1,000! Here's the post:

"I have a pair of E3 Badges I am selling. I had these posted on Ebay but the ESA pulled the auction. Purchasing these will get you onto the show floor of E3 2006. My manager and I will fly down to L.A. and pick up the badge holders with our ID's. You will not have to show ID at any point from there on out. Our travel expenses are included in the badge price. The pair of badges is $1000 obo. Please email me with any questions. Thanks. "

What's a chance to be the first on your block to see the PS3 and Revolution in action worth to you and a friend?

[Thanks, T & Eric]

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