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Treo 650 getting major firmware update?


With Palm's Treo 700p launch seemingly, just weeks away, the poor little Treo 650 must be feeling a bit worse for wear. Well, Uncle Walt still loves ya and rumor has it, Palm does too. In fact, if true, then Palm is planning a major firmware update which should arrive immediately after the Sprint 700p launch in order to keep the platform "competitive." The firmware, dubbed "lowtide," is said to include several new items, chiefly among them is the long promised BlackBerry Connect application for installation and configuration of BBConnect clients, built-in MobiTV support (for Cingular Treos, apparently), FAT32 supporting 4GB SD cards, and hold onto your hats kiddies, WiFi drivers for Palm's WiFi card... about 2 years too late. (Yeah, there are supposedly a bunch of minor changes, too.) Of course, we can't confirm if any of this is true, but we'll be giving our Treo 650 a big hug when those wolfish 700ps are released anyway... just in case.

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