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Elite Modeling's eML1 Elitephone

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ah, Elite Modeling, one-time home to such high-end faces as Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bündchen, Cindy Crawford, and Engadget Mobile's all-time favorite Blackberry warrior, Naomi Campbell. Well, guess who made a phone for the Dutch. That's right, the Elite Modeling eML1 Elitephone doesn't only carry a killer byline ("A mobile for models by Elite Model Look!" -- no comment), it also features a "mini and sexy clamshell" (we can't tell if they mean the phone or its case), 6 Elite model wallpapers to remind you of your own bodily imperfections, VGA camera, 160 x 128 internal display, and GPRS data. But oh, the irony of such a modeling agency not only producing a cellphone -- which is just a crappy Korean device that's been knocking around for a coupla years (a Newgen, if we're not mistaken) -- but making that phone one of the chubbier, rounder devices on the market. In fact, if anything we would have expected Elite to badge the RAZR or one of the countless brand-name fashionphones, and let the chubby, homely handheld be the 1337phone instead.

[Via Textually and Slashphone]

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