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iTunes 100 song cap hacked to 1000?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Every once in a while something flies below the Engadget radar, like the supposed hack devised by the Moto modders at MotoModders, which, according to them, raises the cap on some Moto phones with iTunes to 1000 songs. At about 4GB worth of music it doesn't seem like we're gonna get there on MicroSD any time in the near future, but unfortunately we don't even have a Moto iTunes phone laying around right now to give it a test with. Apparently all you've got to do is run an app called MotoMidMan with the latest version of iTunes, perform a couple quick steps, and you're good to go. Anyone tried this with their phone? Care to share your experiences? Enjoy it while you can, we're sure big daddy Steve & Co. will be putting the kibosh on this right quick (if they haven't already).

[Thanks, Tiffany]

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