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Fujitsu announces ETERNUS8000 Model 2100: 1.3PB array

Evan Blass

So that one petabyte Symmetrix DMX-3 array from EMC you bought a few months ago just isn't meeting your storage needs anymore? Well Fujitsu's new ETERNUS8000 Model 2100, with its 1.3PB capacity, may be exactly what you've been looking for. Besides those extra 314,572GB, you also get a system capable of accommodating up to sixteen 3.4GHz processors, 256GB of cache memory, and RAID 6 configuration for ensuring data integrity even if two of the 2,760 500GB Nearline FC drives happen to crap out simultaneously. Other nice features include built-in data encryption, multiple automatic backup options, live capacity updating, and iSCSI support for copying files over a network. Although no price has been announced for this storage behemoth, considering that your DMX-3 set you back over $4 million, we imagine that the Model 2100 will also be priced out of the reach of mere mortals.

[Via DailyTech]

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