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Intel launches vPro brand for business computing

Marc Perton

Intel has gone public with its latest platform, the vPro, which the company says is optimized to provide features such as security, performance and remote access functions for businesses. Like Viiv, vPro includes processor technologies, a software platform and more than a little bit of hype. In the case of vPro, the chip is the "next-generation dual-core processor," the software is Windows Vista and the hype -- well, you get the idea. More specifically, vPro is designed around Intel's Conroe desktop processor, along with a networking chipset and extensive features for remote management of PCs along with built-in virtualization technology to allow IT managers to create secure partitions on networked PCs (and, yes, it'll work with XP, though it's got features designed to "simplify" Vista upgrades). Intel expects to begin shipping at least some demo vPro systems this quarter, and factory workers are presumably already applying vPro stickers to cases, just so you can scrape them off when they arrive in your office.

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