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Firmware update 2.70 now available


Looks like another upgrade is upon us. Sony today released their latest firmware upgrade for PSPs, which knocks the firmware version up a smidgen to 2.7. The update adds several new features, the most appealing of which is the ability to play Flash content on the device's built-in Internet browser and save RSS feed content to your Memory Stick. Other enhancements include an option to disable the L/R shoulder buttons during UMD playback, an additional file extension to playable AAC formats, and a handful of menu improvements.

There's a good chance that a fix for the GTA hack for Firmware 2.6 is included with the update, so unless you want to be stuck without all your beloved homebrew apps, we'd suggest holding off until someone out there figures out how to make 2.7 do our bidding.

[Via oreillynet; thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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