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Kodak plans EasyShare One follow-up with better hotspot support

Marc Perton

If early users of the Kodak EasyShare One camera had one gripe, it was limited WiFi support (well, there were other gripes, but work with us here, ok?). For one thing, without major kludges, it was impossible to upload via WiFi to any site other than Kodak's own EasyShare Gallery. For another, out-of-the-box hotspot support was largely limited to T-Mobile's network -- great if you're a Starbucks fan, but something of a pain if you want to upload on the go without having to constantly reconfigure your settings manually. While we're still hoping Kodak addresses the first problem (would it really kill them to offer flickr support?), the company has at least promised to address the second one with the next version of the camera, due out this summer for $299 (not including the WiFi card). According to Kodak, the new camera (EasyShare Two? EasyShare One Plus?) will have WISPr (Wireless Internet Service Provider recommendation) protocol support for easier hotspot access. We're hoping they'll bump up the megapixel count from 4 to 6, and add 802.11g support as well, but we'll have to wait a bit to find out.

[Via Wi-Fi Networking News]

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