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The SkyQube multi-phone mashup

Ryan Block, @ryan

Qool's had a few arbitrary devices over the years, but we definitely had to look twice at their SkyQube and SkyQube². It's apparently still early on in development, but the box gives you calling every which way possible, often using Skype as a call conduit: USB to PC audio / Skype, Skype to POTS forwarding, Skype to (integrated) GSM forwarding, Skype to Skype, SkypeOut, Skype messaging to SMS, followme to/from Skype -- all of which you use with your POTS telephone. It's also got conference calling and integrated contacts, just one giant Skype love-in, supposedly to go for $80 for the SkyQube and $150 for the SkyQube². We're just not ready for that much Skype though, man, you know?

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