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Firmware 2.7 and Loco Roco in action


Many (including us) have been a bit hesitant about upping our PSP firmware to 2.7 because it would render our homebrew unusable. In addition, Sony also decided to craftily release a demo of the impossibly cute game Loco Roco as a free download, playable so long as you have this latest version. But if you can stand to watch either unfold instead of actually fiddling with the updates or the demo, then check out the video above. The 8-minute or so feature runs through a few of the upgrades included in firmware 2.7 and shows off the Loco Roco demo about halfway.

Take note that the entire thing is done on a Japanese language-enabled PSP, which means that unless you're especially familiar with the PSP's menu layout you probably won't know what's going on right away. It's not difficult at all to follow along however, but you may just want to skip to the middle to get right on the demo since watching someone navigate a menu system is really about as engaging to watch as Tom Cruise demonstrate for the umpteenth time why he'll never be normal in our eyes again.

[Thanks to everyone who sent the demo link in!]

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