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Korea Telecom Ann Eye heat-sensor phone security system

Marc Perton

If you're worried about intruders sneaking into your house while you're off at work, Korea Telecom has the answer. Or at least they think they do. The company is launching a service called Ann Eye, which is based around a heat sensor built into a landline phone. The 127,000 won ($134) phone can detect visitors based on body heat, and then sends a text message to the home's owner. At that point, KT suggests, the owner can call home to see whether the phone was triggered by a burglar (who, presumably, won't answer the phone) or just the kids coming home from school (who may not answer either, depending on whether they want you to know they snuck out early and have five friends over). We assume this could also be activated by an over-active household pet (who probably won't answer the phone either). It's an interesting idea, but it seems like it could only really be effective if tied to a camera, so that homeowners could catch thieves without actually having to call them up first.


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