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LG's Style-i "hands-free" headset available from Verizon

Evan Blass

LG's Style-i, the Bluetooth cellphone accessory that took the "hands-free" out "of "hands-free headset," is now available exclusively from Verizon, and for a little cheaper than the $150 we originally reported. As you'll no doubt recall from our original mocking write-up of the Style-i, this Haier P7-lookalike is designed for the same purpose as other Bluetooth headsets -- to let you make calls while your phone is charging or in a bag -- but without the convenience of, you know, freeing up your hands. Actually, LG almost had us sold on this $130 product until we found out that you can't daisy-chain two of them together -- how are you supposed to pick up a call if both your phone and first Style-i are charging simultaneously?

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