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Joystiq Poll: What do Wii think?

Ross Miller

Wii are just as surprised as you are about Nintendo's recent unveiling. Wii are just not sure how to respond to it (and wii have been carefully analyzing their hype-filled letter), and wii have been making plenty of jokes. Honestly, we thought of a few (rather negative) things:
  1. The marketing department is dyslexic, and tried to copy Apple.
  2. April fool's joke that Nintendo forgot to send out earlier.
  3. Someone tainted the ventilation systems at Nintendo headquarters to release mind-expanding substances.
Wii want to gauge your initial reaction. As Vlad already pointed out, "nobody liked the controller when it was first unveiled either." While wii (as hardcore gamers) may not be Nintendo's target audience, wii (as Joystiq) want to know how the average Joystiq reader feels just learning about the new name.
Now, what do wii say?
Wii love it ... wii will, wii will, rock you
Wii like it
Wii can get used to it
Wii dislike it ... vewy wiitarded
Wii want a Revolution

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