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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance forged on DS


After beating the radioactive, magical and often otherworldly crap out of each other in Capcom's excellent Marvel Vs. series of 2D fighting games, it seems that the comic giant's major superheroes now find themselves forced to cooperate for the good of the entire Marvel universe. Activision has officially announced Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for PC, current and forthcoming consoles, as well as handheld platforms. I don't know about you, but my hands are usually the first choice when it comes to holding the DS.

Developed by Raven Software, the game will be an action-RPG, no doubt similar to the X-Men Legends series (but hopefully a whole lot better). Various levels of customization are touted, but the one that has us most pleased is the ability to create a custom vehicle for your team. When I'm done with that, the Fantasticar won't know what hit it.

No word yet on how the DS version will differ from the rest--would cooperative Wi-Fi play be too much to ask for?

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