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3.2 million Xbox 360s shipped, $388 million in losses [update 1]


Microsoft recently divulged its Q3 earnings, which included 1.7 million Xbox 360s shipped. This brings the total count to 3.2 million consoles shipped worldwide, and suggests that Microsoft is still on track for its goal of 5–5.5 million units shipped by the end of the fiscal year. Despite these positive "sales" figures, Microsoft's Home and Entertainment segment, which includes the Xbox division, posted a $213 million quarterly operating loss, bringing its total losses to $388 million.

According to CFO Chris Liddell, as long as the PlayStation 3 is absent from the scene, Microsoft won't shy away from spending big bucks in an attempt to grab a significant share of the gaming market. However, Liddell predicts that moves will be made to cut back on operating losses by the end of 2006.

[Update: cleared up shipped/sold confusion.]

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