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Nabaztag hops into the US

Ryan Block, @ryan

Alright everyone, calm yourselves, we have some news: not a year and a couple of weeks since the day we first wrote about the Nabaztag, it's found a US distributor. You'll never guess who's picked it up, too. Ok, ok, we'll tell you, it's ThinkGeek. We know, you're probably hyperventilating right now, especially if you were the intended recipient of a WiFi rabbit from Engadget's Valentine's Day gift guide, but got flimflammed out getting it because it was previously only available from French sites. Well, it's time to put up a fuss, because this thing'll set you or your kind, gift giving significant other back $150 -- about right, including interest, if they never got you anything for Vday. Bienvenue en Amérique, lapin.

[Thanks, Veronica]

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