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Nokia's N93 caught in the wild


Hot on the heels of Nokia's N93 announcement are some shots of this camcorder/phone in the wild. Japanese site PlusD Mobile has plenty of snaps but little in the way of review commentary on Nokia's new flagship N-series phone expected to drop for some €550/$690 in July. So kick back, and feast on the eye-candy for a few until we can nab ya'll some actual MPEG-4 recordings from this pup. Then we'll see if Nokia's plan to take a bite out of the camcorder (and DAP player) bidness in the same way cellphones have kicked alarm clocks, wrist watches, and low-end digitalcams to the curb, is for realz. The N93 is certainly capable given its relative size (to a camcorder) and fact that it packs in a 3.2 megapixel Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with image stabilization, microSD expansion, big 2.4-inch fold-out display, and the ability to pump video down the TV-out jack or over WiFi to any UPnP capable device. Ogle more pics after the break.

[Via Slashphone]

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