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Poll Results: Tepid reaction to the Wii naming

Ross Miller

After 24 hours and over 15,000 votes, the general response to Nintendo's renaming (Wii-naming?) of its next-generation console has been slightly negative. A majority of Joystiq readers (58%) disliked the new name or preferred its codename, the Revolution. 18% of those who participated in the poll have already thrown their support behind the name, while one-fourth of the respondents have started the 12-step program to recovery and acceptance.

The initial reaction to the Wii's controller when it was unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show this year was largely positive, with 62% of those survey reacting positively, only 16% negative, and 22% ambivalent. Keep in mind, these results are just the initial reaction of hardcore gamers, who are not Nintendo's target audience (Nintendo has stated many times that they hope to bring in all gamers and non-gamers, so expect a more casual fare). Hopefully, at E3 when we all get tired of Wii jokes, Nintendo will unveil a first- and third-party lineup that compensates for the currently-reviled nomenclature.

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