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Belkin Flip Wireless KVM with remote control

Marc Perton

Belkin's Flip KVM is an attempt to put a stylish spin on this plain, utilitarian piece of gear, presumably so that users toggling between, say, a Dell XPS M2010 and a Mac mini won't have to compromise on decor. And with the $79.99 wireless version, due out in June, Belkin goes even further, adding a small RF remote that allows users to switch systems from anywhere. Frankly, we prefer to use a keyboard shortcut to switch systems, and that feature's included on most popular KVMs. Still, we suppose the Wireless Flip could find a niche market with presenters who need to toggle between systems without having to use a keyboard, or for that rare user who has set up dual-platform media servers, and wants to switch back and forth from the couch.

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