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Boston's flagship Apple Store moving to Newbury Street?


NYC has its cube, and Boston has...rumors and red tape.* When Apple first announced their intentions to build a huge retail store right in downtown Boston (Back Bay area), I was very excited. A flagship store right in the city! Soon a sketch of the proposed Boylston Street design emerged, as did the ire of Boston's Back Bay Architectural Commission (BBAC), who were none too pleased with the store's decidedly modern facade.

Today, ifoAppleStore is reporting that the massive building that has housed the Virgin Megastore on the corner of Mass. Ave. and Newbury Street for the past several years will close in the summer of 2007 to make way for a new, "...upscale retailer." I can tell you that this is a huge (larger than any existing Apple Store), gorgeous building in a very pedestrian-friendly, upscale shopping district of Boston, and only a few blocks away from the site of their original proposal. Using this property would also keep the BBAC at bay (as it were).

Here's hoping this comes true, as this is a wonderful building in an even better location.

*Not that I keep track of the NYC/Boston rivalry or anything.

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