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Garmin's StreetPilot 2820: GPS with MP3 player, XM, and Bluetooth

Garmin just announced their all singing, all dancing StreetPilot 2820 for cars and motorcycles. You get the usual 2D or 3D navigation features with WAAS-enabled 12 parallel channel GPS and FM TMC traffic info, but then Garmin goes deluxe by including a built-in MP3 and audio book player with remote control and some sweet, sweet Bluetooth wireless with mic and speaker for hands-free cellphone calling within your motorized cage. Slap on an XM smart antenna and the 2820 delivers XM Radio broadcasts or XM NavTraffic with weather information and enhanced routing around accidents and construction to boot. Like it on two-wheels? Then the 2820 doubles-up to deliver waterproof navigation via audio prompts to bikers equipped with Bluetooth helmets -- sorry, no mention of A2DP Bluetooth Stereo audio support for two-wheelin' danger music. The unit measures-in at 5.6 x 3.2 x 2.0-inches with a big 3.8-inch, 454 x 240, 64K TFT touchscreen display. A USB interface enables some custom uploads of points-of-interest, revenue safety cam locations and presumably your audio files to some type of unspecified on-board storage. Available starting June pre-loaded with North American maps (a Euro version will be available too) for a luxurious $1,184.60 -- man, with that kind of attention to detail in the pricing you'd think they could include the specs for on-board storage or perhaps let us know if it features DAP integration like some other GPS receivers we've seen!

 [Via MobileWhack]

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