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Pitchford predicts PS360?

Ken Weeks

A few weeks ago I was all set to link to a random editorial predicting that Microsoft and Sony would eventually join forces. My editors nixed the piece as rabid fanboy crap, but apparently they never talked to Gearbox Prez Randy Pitchford:

I still hold onto my prediction from a couple years back that, eventually, Sony will be licensing the video game operating system software from Microsoft. Perhaps Sony’s experiences with their new online initiative will actually make that difficult-to-imagine step a little easier… If Microsoft can ever figure out how to gain traction and trust as a gaming platform in Japan, I believe that the two companies will rapidly desire to become partners instead of competitors. It sounds counter to expectations at first because we are so caught up in the competition, but I assure you that I could explain why the concept of an eventual partnership between Sony and Microsoft has merit.

Actually, the rabid fanboy went a little further and said MS would buy out Sony's video game business all together (Like I said, he was rabid). Fortunately for Sony, Kutaragi has sworn he will literally enter the Fourth Dimension and reverse time if this occurs, preventing what surely must be considered console war Armegeddon.

Pitchford's comments are part of Q&A that talks to various industry bigshots about the PS3, Blu-Ray and Sony's online strategy. Definitely worth a read.

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