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Windows Vista to be delayed yet again?

Marc Perton

Given Microsoft's recent woes -- the company seems to be under attack by everyone from Wall Street analysts to Google -- the last thing the company needs is a rumor that Windows Vista won't be available by its recently revised January launch date. But that's what Redmond is getting hit with today, in the form of a research note from Gartner, which predicts a delay until at least June for the consumer version of the program. According to Gartner, the new OS is "too complex" to be ready by January. Microsoft has responded by saying that Vista is on target to make the launch. Gartner also says that a delay until the spring is "nowhere as bad" as the slip from fall to January, which will result in a Vista-free holiday season. Somehow, we suspect that beleaguered PC makers hoping for a sales bump from Vista upgrades might have a little trouble taking solace from that argument.

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