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Sony's FJ, FE, and SZ get spec bumps

Ryan Block, @ryan

Look like Sony's giving their European laptop releases some spec bumps to fend off the summer slump. The most interesting is the FE line's new FE20, with Sony's new 2nd gen X-black display (aka XBRITE, some of the nicest laptop displays money can buy), which finally addresses its most typical complaint with an anti-reflective surface layer, and also throws in some extra brightness with a dual lamp backlight; the FJ line's new FJ3 gets a dual layer DVD burner, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, and a 100GB drive; the SZ series gets the SZ2 with the upgrades are the least exciting, and from what we can tell they'll just have a version with a 2.16GHz T2600 Core Duo chip, which is already available as an upgrade on the Sony Style configurator. Keep an eye out for these in the states sometime in the near future (with different names, of course).

[Via MobileWhack]

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