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Where have all the cable cards gone?

Matt Burns

Cable cards. Where have they gone? Have you noticed that they are no longer in many of the new HDTVs. Check this out: Panasonic's new PX60U series doesn't have 'em. Samsungs new DLPs and LCDs don't. JVC dosn't have the Card on their plasmas. We can keep going here. HPs plasmas and LGs plasmas. None of these have Cable Card support.

So why is this? Are manufactures waiting till Cable Card 2.0 comes out. Or is that they found out that many people are not using this option. We are sorry 'cause we don't know but we hope that it is the former of the two. Cable Card 2.0 is going to change a lot of things. It will bring all of the benifits and features of a cable box, like on-screen guides and on-demand, to the cable card. The current implimentation gives consumers the same stations as a cable box but not the same features. We want our features!

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