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Chax 1.4.1 released

David Chartier

One thing I love about Chax, the vital iChat plug-in, is that its developer has been reliably rolling out a good handful of new features and fixes, even with a .0.x update like this one. New features in 1.4.1 include:

  • Growl notifications for when a user comes online, goes offline, goes idle, goes away, and becomes available
  • Options to have the tab window come to the front when receiving a new message
  • Option to disable the close buttons on tabs
  • Option to have the contact lists automatically resize to fit the number of visible contacts
  • Contact list row height will now adjust itself according to the size of a custom font as long as user icons are hidden (the two line view will not resize)
  • Default iChat floating window notifications now work with tabs
  • Clicking on a Growl message notification will bring iChat to the front and select the originating message window
You can check out the full list of new features and bug fixes in Chax's release notes, and grab your own copy from Kent Sutherland's site.

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