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Mac Universal TiVo Desktop released, hackable

Ryan Block, @ryan

Mac users with TiVos, we got a one-two punch for you today. TiVo released the new version 1.9.3 Universal TiVo Desktop software which is all fine and good, but sadly we're still without Mac TiVoToGo or some equivalent, simple, expeditious way to export video to the Mac. But on the upshot TiVo Commmunity user Dennis Wilkinson discovered a way to enable the so-called "TiVoBack" video sharing on your home network with an easy terminal hack, allowing you to drop some raw MPEG-2 files onto a folder on your Mac for playback on your TiVo. We'd warn you to prepare for TiVo to patch up their bug feature as the Hawthorne Effect will surely kick in after we report this -- so download it here and now before the next build takes it all away.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]

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